Hafa adai!

I'm Adelaide Bi, but you can call me Ady for short. I don’t plan to update this website this year.

My Book

This year, I was busy writing a book, a book on the inside story of the largest human trafficking case since the end of slavery in the United States. How can a Chinese fraud who is not smart at all, got help from an American lawyer and a Catholic charity organization to deceive the FBI and the courts, and suspend a casino of Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited. You can read in the news that the suspension of this company has caused the local unemployment rate to soar, and you can also read that this company is unable continue to donate to local infrastructure construction, but you cannot read the facts of the case in the news. Yes, you will only read the truth from my book. I am the ex-wife of the mastermind of this case. After I knew the horrible truth, I couldn't bear staying with him for a second.

Even if I am a political refugee seeking asylum, even if there is no political asylum in CNMI, even if he always emphasizes that he will apply for a green card for me, I completed the divorce. Perhaps, he didn't think I would be willing to lose my green card, so he told me the truth without hesitation. Yes, a green card is more important to a refugee like me than to anyone. However, if the price is to conceal a criminal for a lifetime, I would rather apply for a refugee visa from other countries. It is worthwhile to endure a few years of waiting for a clean life.

Moreover, not only contains this story, after all, I have lived on Liar Island for 5 years.

This is a beautiful island. The aborigines are simple and kind. There are also new immigrants from China, Japan, South Korea and other countries, working hard to make this island more beautiful. How did it become famous in China under the name Liar Island?! I live here, I love here, and I love the people here. I hope that the facts I have revealed will attract the attention of smart readers and come up with solutions to problems.

I only say so much about the book I am writing. If you want to read more, you have to buy my book. When my book is published, I will put the link to buy the e-book on the homepage of this website.

About Saipan

A news about Saipan casino


I registered a domain name that I don’t need within a year, just because as a person with a 5-letters -name, once I miss it now, hard to grab it again.

I‘m a Chinese, and my English name was taken by myself, cause my English teachers’ ignorance of business shocked me. In this era, shorter is better. Especially my last name is short enough, it didn't drag long my full name. My English teachers gave me looong first names, I would rather do it myself. I use a program to find unregistered domains. I don't want to spend sky-high prices to acquire a registered domain to use as a personal website (I'm not as rich as Trump).

Under these 4 restrictions: must be .com, contains my family name, as short as possible, and the first letter is A, there are only a few choices. Then I chose Ady because Ady is the nickname of Adelaide, and Adelaide is not only a human name, but also the name of a city in Australia. If my immigration plan had not been interrupted by the Chinese government, I should have been there.

However, I don't regret coming to the United States, because all the sufferings I endured are because of bugs in my thinking, suffering helps me find my blind spot. If I become stronger, suffering is one of my wealth, and if I become weak, I will only die. Regarding my continuous major sufferings in 5 years and still alive, as a survivor, I have a lot of experience to share with people who are suffering. There is so much that I can write a book, which I am writing. And it's not limited to Chinese or Americans. Although I was born and raised in China, I was brainwashed by the American left. I crossed the GFW to browse the Internet in order to prevent being brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party. Unfortunately, the result of my efforts was that I took the initiative to enter the brainwashing pipeline of the American left. When I say this, I'm not saying that rightist thinking is a good thing. The ability to think independently is a good thing, and I am trying to get it.

Even if I plan to talk about myself, I will talk about my book unconsciously, so I have to finish writing it first and do nothing else before that.